Sea Salt Caramels Milk Chocolate 10pc. (8 oz.)
Item: ABD0407


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You're not the average chocolate connoisseur. You need something that's both luxurious and original. Why not try a box of tantalizing milk chocolate salted caramels? Whether you're purchasing a box for yourself or for a friend (or both!), you'll soon find that our luscious blend of caramel, milk chocolate and sea salt is the perfect indulgence. There are about 20 caramels to each pound. There's no need to choose between chocolate and caramel when you can have both! Choose a tantalizing box of milk chocolate sea salt caramels and celebrate a salty, sweet indulgence. We are proud to feature Abdallah Candies, which was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1909. Like A. Johnson & Sons, it's a family owned business now in its fourth generation.

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